Why home assistant absorb soo much data from WIFI

Im using home assistant with installing VM virtualbox. and i just only using a button with esphome. but it used 2gb per hour. can anyone help me to reduced it.

Did you just set it up?

It downloads updates as part of the installation process.

I have a huge configuration and it uses very little network:

Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 17-58-32 Administration – Home Assistant

thank you

tell me how to configuration of HA
and how did you get that image

Read the documentation.

It’s a custom card. You aren’t ready for that yet. Walk before you can run.

thank you very much

i checked this

but sill data loss. are there way to display data usge in HA. i used speedtest but same resulat

i think it happened when i open HA. im using HA with windows. can u help me to solve this problem

speedtest ? datalos ? … shutdown HA, check your computer’s state and performance, then you can compare to when you open HA, if it’s not “settle down” by tomorrow, reinstall … and do nothing until it’s finished the installation, i have VM in windows, on a laptop … it’s basicly in sleeping mode, if i dont touch it

are there any way to display data usage in HA as a card or…

that will just lead to more “data” usage :wink: (in HA)… right click on your windows taskbar, choose taskmanager-processes, there u’ll see whats going on

If you are concerned about data usage, don’t configure the speedtest integration. It is literally going to use more data on a schedule in order to report your speed. You’re better off testing your speed on a manual basis using a browser whenever you feel the need.

Speed test is very hungry.
I remembered disabling it because it would poll and use too much data than what I was comfortable with.

Turn it off and looking at the download rate of your VM again.