Why I can't send local image to telegram?

I have image in /config/www/test_image.jpg

Then I want to send the image:

service: notify.jan_b
  message: test
    image: /local/test_image.jpg

It does not work because it won’t find the image. www folder exists for long time . What is wrong?

Can you access image without password from web using your browser?

No I cannot. I tried LAN IP, localhost,, no luck. It seems that local publishing of file is not working. I can’t believe I need to restart HA after image was added - I need to add images continusously when webcam detects movement, I cannot restart HA everytime it happens.

I use HA in virtualbox. For years.

You do not. You create a static image as placeholder then update image on the fly. When image is retrieved it will pull latest image

So if I understand well I can’t create a new file with new filename in www and immediately access it without HA restart?

I can confirm that after HA restart the image is visible on LAN under http://<local_IP>:8123/local/test_image.jpg

However, it is still not sent to telegram. Tried:
image: /config/www/test_image.jpg
image: /local/test_image.jpg
image: <local_IP>/local/test_image.jpg
image: <local_IP>:8123/local/test_image.jpg
image: http://<local_IP>/local/test_image.jpg
image: http://<local_IP>:8123/local/test_image.jpg

Nothing works

OK problem with noti service. I used this one which works:

service: telegram_bot.send_photo
  target: <my_telegram_ID>
  url: http://<local_HA_IP>:8123/local/test_image.jpg
  caption: Motion detected.

I just have serious problem that this image is openly accessible on internet