Why is Amazon Alexa enabled by default?

Hi All,

I noticed that the Amazon Alexa integration is used in 95% of installations:

Which made me wonder if it was somehow enabled on my install even though I do not use Amazon Alexa.

I have found that the integration is listed under /config/info however it does not appear under /config/integrations (nor does it exist in my configuration.yaml) so I’m not really sure how I can remove it.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Home Assistant version information.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your integrations.

Is this the expected behaviour? How do I disable the Alexa integration?

Are you using nabucasa? I guess it’s automaticaly enabled when activating the cloud:

But I don’t know how to fully disable it. I think you can disable Alexa’s access through the Cloud configurations:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Home Assistant Cloud configuration.

You can’t remove it. It’s built into cloud.

Is this the case even when cloud is not used?

I have never enabled Nabu Casa.

If you have cloud in your config file, it’s enabled. Cloud does more than nabu casa stuff.

I have checked my configuration.yaml file (and !includes for good measure) and cloud is not present.

I do see that the cloud integration is loaded (in /config/info) however it doesn’t show up in config/integrations.

Is there anywhere else to disable it?

do you have default_config in your configuration.yaml, if so it loads cloud as part of that
Default Config - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

be warned about removing default_config and do research before doing so and what is required to keep your system fucntional

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Thanks to all those that helped. It looks like default_config is the culprit.