Why is automations not available on the sidebar

Hello all,

I have the following question which I cannot understand: why is it that the automation section cannot be added to the lovelace sidebar?

I have seen some sort of methods that use custom side cards and some such but I couldn’t get them working. But in the end why is there not a simpler way to add it?


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You can add an iframe panel pointing to the automation url.

However it only saves you one click compared to going to Configuration → Automations.

i must be doing something wrong because I get the automations in the sidebar now and when I press it I just get another lovelace copy. I have added this in configuration.yaml:

    title: "Automations"
    url: "/config/automations.yaml"
    require_admin: true

What is the correct url for automations?

Go to the automations page and look at the url in the browser bar, can’t check myself at the moment

I had the same frustration as the OP and now I wish I would’ve looked into this sooner. This helped me get Automations on the side bar. I just wish I would’ve gone it before I moved 300 devices and set up all my automations. Thanks

i just test this solution: It works but not as expected: It opens not only the dashboard but also another sidebar: