Why is deleting devices still a thing?

Kind of in a snit here after an hour or so of searching and reading older, related, posts about the futility of being able to remove a device from an integration without removing the entire integration.

Why is this still a thing, years later from when the initial reports and feature requests started coming in?

Do you just disable the device and ignore it? Why won’t the app clean-up the orphaned devices from the dashboard?

Yeah… super frustrated…

Which integration?

Most have this ability, except for a few third party integrations that do not follow the guidelines. e.g. here are two integrations with multiple devices I picked at random:


One exception to this is MQTT.

To delete a discovered MQTT device you have to delete the retained discovery topic from the MQTT broker. That’s just the way MQTT works.

Deconz is another culprit for not allowing device deletion via the UI. In the case of Deconz i will delete it from the Deconz/Phoscon UI, then sync or reload the addon in HA to find it removed.

Specifically, I’m addressing my blink integration - there are five devices registered with the integration but I wish to only remove one. I cannot however, without apparently removing the entire integration and re-rolling. Geh.

What I’m understanding from your responses is that the problem lies with the developers not providing a fully-featured implementation of their addon.

Unfortunately, I’m learning too late, after years of investment and growth, that Blink is just a way-more ghetto version of Ring.

Thank you for your responses.

As that is a core integration you could open a feature request asking for the correct config flow to be implemented.