Why is entity_id undefined?


I haven’t used node-red in a long time, but decided to play around with it a bit again. I set it up using some guides and and added a button in deconz to test it. Then using a events:all node, I listen to all events and I get the button event for sure. The problem is, the event has no entity_id. When checking the deconz integration, the button is a device, but not an entity. Shouldn’t it be that as well? Do I have to configure it in the configuration.yaml to become an entity? Or have I misunderstood something fundamental? If its not an entity, I can’t select it in the state nodes…

deconz_event : msg.payload : Object
event_type: "deconz_event"
entity_id: undefined
event: object
id: "bedroom_switch"
unique_id: "00:15:8d:00:08:04:bc:a1"
event: 1003
device_id: "fe9033099c049e97a46d71f091423055"
origin: "LOCAL"
time_fired: "2023-05-09T01:18:32.249795+00:00"
context: object

I see now it is just the aqara button that doesn’t get an entity id, if I add an aqara magnet, it will get an id.

Ah, my mistake. I found the info I was looking for in the deconz manual now:

Remote controls (ZHASwitch category) will not be exposed as regular entities, but as events named deconz_event with a payload of id and event . Id will be the device name from deCONZ and Event will be the momentary state of the switch.

Please close/remove this topic, I can’t do it myself…