Why is HA's Weather widget so far off?

Why is HA’s weather widget so far off? Even from the “source” data - it’s not even close:

HA weather is over 10ºF different. That’s huge! It doesn’t even match it’s source data (met.no).

All three widgets are using the exact same geocode coordinates:

    latitude: !secret latitude
    longitude: !secret longitude

Have your set your elevation correctly in ft? And what version are you using? This weather integration didn’t convert the elevation correctly for imperial units until recently.

Also are your coordinates the same as your Hass config coordinates? I assume the met integration uses your default elevation of not specified.

To the pin-point. Exact elevation in meters. And set to Imperial. There are no other HA location settings to set or check:

You need to put it in ft not meters. This seems like a frontend bug

Try selecting imperial first saving it and reopening

Oooooh, really now? That does need to be fixed to use “feet” name instead of “meters” when selectin Imperial.

I changed it to feet (6276), and that actually did work:

Oh! You need to restart home assistant after setting your elevation in ft I think.

I did not restart HA. I just hit Save, and the numbers fixed themselves.

(I do know HA devs are trying to actively move away from having to restart after every little configuration change - their intent: any UI updates should not require a restart)

Use the solution box, so others can find this. It has come up before.

Changing coordinate systems or default parameters of home assistant itself isn’t always handled well by each integration, but it seems met does handle it.

Please submit an issue on the frontend repo

:+1: Will do. Although, seems Github is having issues at this moment. Huh.

It is really slow today for me too.