Why is Hass.io an operating system instead of software running on Raspbian?

I’m brand new to Hass_io and a noob in most respects. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ but it’s busy running some scripts to notify me of stuff. I only wanted Hass_io to control a few lights and possibly nothing else so it seems a bit much to dedicate my Raspberry Pi to this task. Thus, why isn’t Hass_io some software that runs on Raspbian instead of something I must replace Raspbian with entirely?

Maybe a lite version of Hass_io would be possible to install on Raspbian?

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There is: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/installation/#alternative-installs
Although that’s not hassio, just plain Home Assistant. So you don’t get the benefits of using the add-ons that are available for hassio. But if you don’t need them, then those installation methods are perfectly fine. I myself do it like that too.

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You should probably understand that HASSIO and Home Assistant are not the same thing.

Home Assistant is the application, HASSIO is one method of installing and running Home Assistant.

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