Why is HassOS so closed?

I have been happily running Home Assistant on Raspbian / Docker configurations for years now on a Raspbi 3B+. I have had my share of issues to sort out in this time. I had tried HassOS more than a year back but could not continue with it because every now and then I needed to customize something somewhere and so decided to move away from it. Now I read Raspbian isnt supported anymore and so started setting it up on Debian but then wanted to try HassOS once again.
While the setup is straightforward there is absolutely no information on the console about whats happening. I am right now stuck in restoring the snapshot and its been an hour with no activity on the console.
My question is, why is HassOS made so closed that the only interface to see what’s happening in the home assistant URL and for some reason if there’s trouble in reaching the website, one cant do anything except cut the power and try again !

After 2 hours of no activity i had to pull the plug and restart. No output on the console, hitting the website address returns an empty response. My hard disk access LED is blinking at times, the modem says the IP address is active. What else can I do , how do I even debug anything on HassOS?

Closed? You can easily connect to HassOS by SSH:

You can plugin a monitor to see what is happening…

I actually think that ssh should be installed as part of hassos, or there should be a strong recommendation to to install the addon immediately after installation.

Not the OP. Yeah, I did that, but how do I find out anything useful? This is a fresh install, and it won’t even download what it needs to start. Yes, it is connected to the internet. But, since the OS is so minimal, I cannot find any tools to figure out what is going on.

How do we guess what you find useful?
How did you install HA?
What do you mean by:

Look at the first post of the forum so you can submit a useful support request…

How do we guess what you find useful?

I think that the context was pretty clear. Any information to figure out why it will not start. Right now I have almost zero.

How did you install HA?

Well, I have a post about it, but no responses. It is exactly per the instructions for 64bit on an RPi4B.

What do you mean by:

It boots up, but never displays a webserver. I can only guess from what is on the monitor that it is not downloading the necessary docker containers.

Look at the first post of the forum so you can submit a useful support request…

Do you mean the post that is the two sentences?

Home Assistant turns your Raspberry Pi (or other device) into the ultimate Home Automation hub. It takes away all the hassle of installing Home Assistant and related applications and keeping them up to date.

Where does one submit a useful support request?


It’s literally the first post in the forum and is pinned to the top.

How do you display a web server… do you mean if you go to http://ip-address:8123 you don’t see anything?

I have read that post awhile back.

How do you display a web server… do you mean if you go to http://ip-address:8123 you don’t see anything?

Correct. But I think that the problem is more fundamental. I don’t think that it is ever finished installing. I can’t be sure though, since I am unable to really use the OS, and I don’t understand what is put in which container, etc. I know linux, but this is very stripped down.

So why not do what it says?

Can you do a photo of the terminal you are seeing. It is very stripped down (the HA OS) but perfect for HA.

Yeah, I understand why it is stripped down, and it makes sense. But it also means most of my tools for fixing it are missing, so I have to rely on the kindness of strangers :grinning:.

Here are a few pics as the install runs by: