Why is Home Assistant so crappy lately

I give up, I had it for almost 2 years or so, it used to work without interruption, now every now and then, one of the integrations fail, cloud is not loading, connections fail, smart things hub need repairing every 3 days, lights not accessible anymore, broadlink connection fails, and so many of them. It became a 24h monitoring job and I just can’t/won’t do it anymore. If you run home assistant with 2 light bulbs and a ikea sensor then maybe (MAYBE) it works most of the time, but when you have a lot of devices with different services and bad implementations for them … it just won’t do it.

And no, I am not running a crappy hardware, it is an i5 with 8GB RAM, running in docker that is updated daily. I also pay for the cloud connection.

So many changes, so many wrong integrations, so many errors. In the end I believe it is best choose the least annoying of the platforms, so right now I would go for Google or SmartThings, even if you don’t have this flexibility of configuration and/or multitude of devices.

It was a nice project in the beginning, but now I don’t know what the roadmap is for it and to be honest I don’t wanna find out anymore.

I believe the best solution is to pay a little extra for good and reliable hardware (need advice here, if any) that has good implementation with traditional assistants, like Google, Samsung and maybe others.


Your first post in 2 years of using the product is to complain? Nice. Never thought to provide some positive contribution before now?

I have no issues, it’s working flawlessly for me. No issues with any integrations, upgrading, restarts, lights being available - everything works. My entire house functions perfectly with dozens and dozens of lights, switches, sensors, and well over 100 automations.

You most likely have connectivity issue on your network, or, configuration issues that need to be addressed due to breaking changes that have been made.


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I moved hassio off of a rpi and onto a vmware vm running on Windows 10. I update regularly, and I haven’t had any issues for months. I wouldn’t trade Home Assistant for anything else.


Same here, just love HA… more than 400 entities, and 300 automations… Using it for switches (from Tp-Link, to Sonoff and DIO using a RFXTRX), lights, alarm integration, shutters, ip camera, heaters, air conditioners, reading automatically Emails, sending/receiving SMS, interfaced with Mosquitto and HA is deployed in two different locations (two Raspberry Pi’s)… Frankly for that variety and complexity of the environment, I am not complaining at all about the reliability/stability of the product… Sometimes of course I am getting a problem but thanks to the community, it is fixed within 1 hour or 2 max… So spending 1 hour between two releases of the software (so once every two weeks in average) is not that time consuming… My opinion of course…


I’d say get good

Two years without asking the community for help?

I think you overlooked to take advantage of a valuable resource that might have made your life with Home Assistant a bit more pleasant.

Sorry to hear it hasn’t worked out for you and good luck with whatever else you choose.


You need to look at how you have configured your system, not just HA but the network at well. I wouldn’t mind betting that my system is more complex than yours yet is brilliantly reliable. Are you running all this with some crappy ISP supplied router/wifi? or even a regular off the shelf cheap thing that non-tech people buy? Instead of blaming HA, maybe look at your network reliability / stability.

Still, if you have bad coding in your HA config you might be introducing problems there. Maybe you should ask for help before bagging out HA…


What is alternative.

  1. HA is beta
  2. It is dead simple. I try other open source home automation and this just worked for me.
  3. Literally work with everything
  4. Never have problem unless external
    4a. Zwave died for me today but not HA fault… Ubuntu update killed it. Took 20 minute to exclude/readd and rename device so GA and Alexa match device properly. Honestly, this is avoidable in future and cannot blame ha but it make simple

what do you plan to replace with and why you think this better? This information would be useful vs. rant? Seriously, if you think something better please recommend and explain why because I’m interested. Else. Rant has no purpose.

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People can have different opinions. Calling someone who expressed his opinion which goes against your doesn’t make him (or her) a troll automatically.


True, but these threads have a habit of going in ever decreasing circles until they disappear up their own rear end.

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Sure, but we can still behave as a community and how manners by not calling someone a “bloddy troll”, ok? I wont silence someones post just because it goes against someones opinion. This community is usually know for its ability to help.


No help was requested.

The non-tech is not the case, trust me. Router is the same Debian i5 with dual NIC plus 4g backup. Internet speeds, measured of course, are 900mb down and 480 upload, with very low ping and uptime 100% in 10 years. Static public IP. Wireless AC points are all unifi. Zigbee is from smart things hub. Network is full gigabit.

Coding of HA was updated after each release, including after the latest one that had a lot of breaking changes.

When i posted this I saw a bunch of connection errors in HA log, like cannot connect to remotestate.nabucasa.com or to account-link. Right now the status of Nabu Casa cloud connection status is “connecting” …

Main problem is that there are configs that need to be setup again over and over (like smartthings integration that keeps “loosing” the API access token - old method was more reliable). Or maybe my setup is more complex than yours, not necessary because of number of devices, but the type and connection method.

I knew when i posted that a lot of people will jump to kill me, but what i criticize is the fact that with each release, old things break. It will be in beta forever like this.

PS: there are also some likes to this post, so I’m sure there are other that feel like I do right now.


Exactly, it’s a HA is crap etc, whinge, etc and “goodbye” post.


Another vote to lock thread.Goodbye OP, enjoy whatever platform you decide upon


those likes are not to your posts


If you had bothered to take the time to watch the past 2 “state of the union” addresses on YouTube presented by Balloob, and, read the many, many, many blog posts about the direction of HA and the changes needed to get the end result, you would know the roadmap, and see where this is heading.

There will be issues, there will be breaking changes. It is a requirement of getting a polished end result.

Again, to make your first post in 2 years of using the product a whinge and goodbye, is poor.