Why is 'initial' not part of the helpers in UI?

If you yaml your helpers then you can set the initial state of a boolean, text, number etc. but in the Helper of configuration that option is missing.
That means we have to remove the helper again and add it in the yaml.

This the only reason why I still have some of my helpers in yaml and I really would like to move them to ui, to have everything together at same place.

Skipping the initial property of input_XYZ entities in the helpers UI was a conscious design decision to simplify the usage of helpers.

Please be aware that helpers automatically persist their state over reboots. In most cases this should remove the need for initial.

Read details at https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/issues/5550 .

I don’t agree with that.
But sure it could be more confusing if there was initial also in the UI for beginners.
The UI means you don’t “need” to read the documentations, in yaml you had to read the documentations (at least once) to know how to set up a helper.