Why is it so complex and difficult to install and maintain HomeAssistant?

Yep 160 posts and no installation yet.

It’s frustrating when people are struggling because they just don’t take advice that is offered. I feel bad for them struggling, but at the same time… :man_facepalming:

Quite right. Most of those 160 posts were pretty good advice.

And all the struggles seem to have started with him trying to use wi-fi


Not true !

HassOS is running since 2 years on Raspberry 4.
I have had issues with stability reason of my move to SSD, then with DHCP, and making devices recognized, having to use another Rasp 4 for MQTT, RFX, …

I never used ethernet cabling with any of my home devices !

For HA, I want to make everything running in only one entity, fully equipped !

In my professional live, I trust only what I fully control, and reject all what runs “by accident” !

A problem has always a root cause, and that root cause must have a dedicated solution.
If not it is not trustable as it is not stable, it becomes an issue and I refuse to validate it on my infrastructure.

Same at home and with everything which is non-human.

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In other words you are saying that software which is not written by yourself is not trustworthy?? Because in my professional live most software that i use is not in my control, and i need to rely on other developers.

However, since HA is open source and has a big community i trust it more then most other software…

The time that IT people are 100% in control has long gone, there is too much software and it has become too big and too complex. Therefor it requires a huge community, preferably open source to check and improve it :wink:

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If you are running hassos then you have the ability to add the mosquitto addon. Simplest thing in the world.

well time you started.

What does that even mean? Stop talking in riddles.

Many many people have stable HA systems using any of the four installation methods.


To the OP:
I started with a Raspberry Pi, but upgraded to an Intel NUC i3. I was still, after 2+ years of using HA, confused with the plethora of installation options. In the end, I just dedicated the NUC to Home Assistant by downloading the NUC image and flashing it on the M.2 SSD.

I am more than pleased with the performance. Reboots take 5-10 seconds. Node Red deploys in 3 seconds. Updates are a breeze using the Supervisor.

Now, if I can only master YAML; I have yet to write an automation from scratch.

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Honestly it’s easier than making one in node red

That’s where we are polar opposites. I have several tabs of flows in Node Red simply because building a flow is simply logical.

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So is yaml

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I think hes saying a problem always has a root cause. And the root cause must have a known solution or else he wont use it. So if a new problem arises thats never been seen before, it currently has no solution and thus is not trustworthy and he must then throw out the entire system and start all over because its not allowed in his house. I mean, its a super logical way of using open source technology, no???


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I found HA on HASSOS on an old Intel NUC to be very easy and painless to setup and use, especially if you stay within the off-the-shelf integrations and add-ons. My only complaint is that a new OS version did break the Tesla integration for a bit, but that’s fixed.