Why is it so hard to move cards on dashboard

I would like to reposition a card easily.

If I press the up arrow it will go to the right. If I press the down arrow it will go to the left. Sometimes it will send the card across multiple columns.

Please fix dashboard card reposition and also add left and right arrows.

Why not go a step further and use drag and drop?


Yeap that would be great, voted for this.
Hopefully fixing up down could be done as a minimum.

This is a problem with the positioning of cards, which I describe in the topic related to the availability of HomeAssistant (compliance with WCAG guidelines). Cards move in columns (up / down), not in rows (left / right).

  • In the view, we add a “button” tab with which we want to turn on the light.
  • Please duplicate the added button 5 times.
  • We now have 6 buttons in the view (2 rows of 3 buttons, 3 columns of 2 buttons).
  • Now navigate to the buttons with the tab key.
  • We will review the buttons in the order (vertical letters, horizontal numbers) a1, b1, a2, b2, a3, b3. There should be a1, a2, a3, b1, b2, b3. The focus should move across the buttons (using tabs) from left to right, line by line. Now it goes from top to bottom, column by column.

I hope I have described the problem graphically.

More on this topic from the point of view of accessibility at the link below (voting, compliance with WCAG as you can see helps everyone :slight_smile: ):

We really need a better solution here. I can’t believe we are wasting time with the “Year of Voice” when we can’t even move a set of dashboard elements to different columns. Can 2024 be the “Year of fixing Lovelace”?

I use the card position number. You can put a card wherever you want in one single effort by just changing its number. I didn’t know anyone still fights with using the up/down buttons!! How have you not gone homicidal?

The ability to define the card position number was added in one of the latest HA updates. Currently, in my opinion, it is excellent. A superb job has been done. Thank you very much.