Why is my phone showing at home on the Map Panel

Yeah OK so I’m stumped, my phone shows on the Map even when at home. It’s not like life threatening but for sure it’s annoying.

Pixel says it is at home
Map shows it at home

Yet me (the person) does not show me on the map at home (correctly).

It could be an Android thing all other phones are iPhone and they do not exhibit same behavior weirdly.

Any ideas, clues? Before I tear my hair out…


Map card or map panel?

You can choose which trackers show on the map card.

Trackers do not show in the home zone on the map panel.

Oops yes map panel is where I’m having the issue and as you say “Trackers do not show in the home zone on the map panel” hence why I’m scratching my head on this one.

I have no device trackers enabled, all are tracked using the Android or iPhone Home Assistant app.

The iphone and android apps each create trackers. Like the first entity shown in your image above. They should not be visible when in the home zone in the map panel though.

Assume there is a “device_tracker” with latitude, longitude and state “Home”:

And it is displayed on the map:

IMHO any entity with latitude, longitude is displayed on the Map - independently of home/not_home.

Next, assume that some “person” entity has only ONE “device_tracker” with “source_type: gps”.
Then this “device_tracker” has coords → then the “person” has these coords → then the “person” IS displayed on the Map - even if Home.

Here is an example:

Here person uses only one Composite tracker.

Next, assume that a “person” entity has TWO (or more) “device_tracker” - and one of them is “source_type: router” (i.e. w/o coords). When the person is Home, then the “source tracker” is that “router tracker” - so the “person” entity DOES NOT have coords → is NOT displayed on the Map.

Here is an example:

Here person uses only one “router” tracker.

Sorry, cannot provide an example “person has several trackers - gps & router”, changed all “persons” (except that “test person” in the example above) to Composite tracker - specially because I always want to see them on a Map.

Which trackers do you use for the “person”?
Is one of them of “router” type?

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Thanks for the feedback but like you I thought about all the above. I’m using the Map Panel not a Map Card - entities only apply to Map Card.

Map Panel should not show any device when home.
Map Card will show devices at home << I’m not using the Map Card

The Map has 4 people tracked, each person is tracked using their phone (Home Assistant App), no additional trackers are enabled I only track one tracker per person (no router, no Life360).

The only person who shows at home is myself I started to think this is a Map bug as it only happens for an Android phone.

Yes, this is what I missed.
Not using Map panel myself at all…
And basically exactly because of that “devices at home are not displayed”.
Even wanted to replace this tab with a custom dashboard.

For me, this Map panel is too bad.
It shows:

  • 7 persons;
  • 99 zones (yes, I do have 99)
  • some weather info.

So, it displays too much additional info - and there is no possibility to switch it off.
But this is another topic…

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I think this topic could be exhausted as we all agree the behaviour I am experiencing is not what should be happening.

I think I shall log it as a bug.

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