Why is sensor.cpu up to 100% throughout the day?

im running HassOS on a laptop with i3, 8gb ram, and 240gb SSD.
should i be worried?

Yes, it’s not normal.

There are a number of things you can do to determine what is using the CPU cycles.

  1. Run the top command at the command line.

  2. Install the Profiler integration and run that report.

  3. Run a Py-Spy report (search the forum).

i was able to get a cprof file from Profiler. now, i have no idea how to generate the visual file via those command lines. i got this far:

Windows users

  • Download and install Python for Windows
  • Download and install Graphviz for Windows
    but after that, none of the command line instruction makes sense. will try to google a GUI program to open this cprof file. thanks for the lead

IF you ask here someone may be able to help: