Why is so hard

Just came back to try again for about the 5th attempt with Hassio and followed Juan’s Video and got as far as Samba installed went on to duckdns and after following to the letter it doesnt work. Why when you put out some software can you not supply a complete how to with accurate instructions not get half way through and then you will need to do something else. When following Juan’s instructions he shows the http: section which with my clean install is not the same and when you add the duckdns sections in it gives config errors when you check. Do all these people making the videos install other things first and just forget to tell you they have done it or is the software just a pile of c**p.

It’s a combination of things. HomeAssistant is, currently, geared for the tinkerer. If you can’t dig under the hood a little and figure a few things out, it’s not likely to work very well for you. The (UNPAID) developers are working hard to make it easier to use for non-tinkerer-types, it’s just not there yet.

Also, because of all the work the (UNPAID) developers are doing, it’s a bit of a moving target. I’m sure Juan’s video was accurate at one point, but things have changed since then. Thankfully, there is a whole team of (UNPAID) people willing to help when you ask your question and wait (GRACEFULLY) for an answer from this (UNPAID) group of people.

The software is not a pile of c**p. It has bugs, yes. It’s not perfect. There are lots of work arounds for more complicated tasks. Sometimes, when these (UNPAID) developers do the work they do, things are done in a slightly different way from (UNPAID) developer to (UNPAID) developer. And that can lead to inconsistencies, incompatibilities, and outdated documentation.

If you would like some help, first, TRY. Give it your best shot. And when you’ve run out of ideas, put everything back to the simplest way you can see to do it, try one more time, and then (KINDLY) post your error message here in this forum where, I’m sure some (UNPAID) person will give you (FOR FREE) some of their time and help figure out what your issue is.

Also, it might help to remember that the developers of this software are not paid; The people that answer questions in the forums are not paid; The software is 100% free; And a forum post written in the unkind and demanding way that yours was written is not likely to find much help from these unpaid developers and forum users when there are plenty of other questions to be answered and problems to be solved for people who are kind and considerate when it comes to the free things they are getting from other people.

If this army of free isn’t good enough for you, I totally understand. There are plenty of paid Home Automation software suites you’re welcome to try. And at least the developers of that crappy software will be getting paid to deal with their crappy customers.


This guy?

His videos are about toilet paper. That’s where you’re going wrong I reckon.

Try reading the docs, which are pretty accurate as far as basic setup goes, given that nothing has changed in that regard for a long time.

Or, you can ask Juan to help clean up your pile of c**p :wink:


I guess for some people free software and free help is just not good enough. I would suggest paying for a commercial solution or if you still want a free solution that is better than most paid ones then try harder and be polite to the people who may help you with your issues.


The software is free. The support is free. And yet you still feel entitled to call the software crap because you can’t figure it out?


Wow. How can you be so angry?!
I get that it’s frustrating at times… but this whole thing is a learning experience!
I was gonna launch into a rant about your message, but everyone above seems to have explained it in a far more restrained way than I would have!

I assume you mean JuanMTech’s videos, like this:

Bare in mind that this video is 9 months old now, and a lot can change in that time - especially Open Source software that is worked on by volunteers!

Again, I understand it’s frustrating, but can you post some of the log files, or something constructive so that we can try to help you?


I nearly weeed a little bit giggling at this! :rofl:

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Use noip configuration with the lets encrypt hassio plug-in. Far easier to setup imo.

On a side note ha is the pinnacle of a great community project, don’t expect fantastic user guides, I’d rather functionality over to-the-letter guides. It’s all about learning!

Part of the problem is that Home Assistant updates every two weeks. Those videos date very fast - for example everything released before Wednesday will confuse you because there’s no authentication layer.

Also, there are many ways of installing Home Assistant. Hass.io is only one of about 14 officially supported options for getting a system running with Home Assistant (and way more unsupported ones), some videos won’t apply to how you’re installing Home Assistant.

The best way is to read the documentation and if you run into issues pop over to the Discord channel or here in the forums and work with us. Ranting and insulting just puts people off spending their free time helping you :wink:

The great thing about home assistant is the full refund available if you don’t get full satisfaction.