Why is the Button Helper greyed out in Create helper dialogue?

Up until now I’ve always done configuration using YAML. However, I can see the way the app is going so I want to start using the Create helper dialogs to add new entities.

I’ve created a toggle using this but I’d like to create a pushbutton as well. Unfortunately, Button and quite a few others are greyed out.

Why is this? I can find no documentation on helpers - hence the question.

I’m guessing you don’t use default_config.


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Bang on @tom_l

It’s greyed out for me.

I do have default_config: removed, but did include input_button: Still have a greyed out Schedule.

Everything is up to date. 2022.9.1 OS 8.5

What does input_button have to do with the Schedule helper??

The graphic interface to add helpers is working really weird also…

If you want the the weekly schedule helper then you will have to add schedule:, not input_button: that’s a completely different helper.

LOL well that makes more sense. :slight_smile:
Thank you !

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