Why is the history tab not filterable and searchable

I’ve always thought it is weird that the history tab isn’t filterable and searchable. To me it makes more sense to have it empty by default and select the entities I’m interested in for a specific time frame.

It would make it a great tool to debug or for instance check if it is at least slowly cooling down (my house is very well insulated and this was a question that popped up today). Any ‘one-time’ question. Right now I actually make a history-graph in a lovelace dashboard for such things and delete it again afterwards.

It would also be nice to hide it for anyone but the admin, just like dashboards.

I agree. I think you should edit your title to specifically say “Why isn’t the history tab filterable and searchable”, as I was just about to add the same thing :wink: .

thanks, good suggestion :+1:

I’d combine this with the ability to set a default filter/search, or some other mechanism to avoid loading the history of everything when you go to the History tab.

And similar to the Logbook, it should remember a preferred default time period. Always having to change the time period from the frequently not-useful last-few-hours period is annoying. ( What the heck is up with the history start time and end time )

The History tab used to be one of my favorites in HASS, but as the number of entities grew it slows down the system. I imagine this is why the time period default was shortened to 3 hours, but in most cases that’s too short to me useful to me, and being able to search/filter for what I want would be more helpful. Instead, like the OP, I end up frequently creating a temporary history-graph panels.

Big bonus points if you can search/filter on an entire domain.

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Really up to this. Always found it hard to debug with more devices. That’s why I made a mock-up a while ago that’s talking about the same things.

:+1: I’d be happy with “just” an entity filter like it’s done on the Logbook (and I think that would be more consistent to have the same UI on both).

For future reference: I added that entity filter a few weeks ago (I think it went into HA 0.117).

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