Why is the Nest Thermostat Component So Horrible!

I’ve had the Nest Thermostat component running for more than a year and, unless I’m mistaken, it still doesn’t support Heat + Cool mode. I’ve got three Nest Thermostat and since I use the Heat + Cool mode for year-round control, I can’t change the temperature.

How does one lodge a complaint to get full functionality for popular components rather than rushing ahead to add the latest and greatest thing-a-ma-jig? Between my Nest Thermostats and my Samsung TV that’s also unsupported I love HA but I am frustrated at the lack of progress for components that have been available for quite some time.

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I know this is old, but if you want to lodge a complaint. Go find a paid service that offers even a fraction that HA offers then lodge a complaint. FFS some people!

Actually, in my opinion this is a legitimate complaint.

There are a number of HA components that kind of work but not well and no development time is being spent on improving or debugging them. Its all going into developing new shiny things. In fact rather than fixing the open issues they are closed with the excuse of “no activity”. That’s a pretty bad way to support your product.

I don’t remember what version it was but at some point my climate controls changed for my nest and I have had the option for “auto” for quite some time now which is the equivalent of Heat and Cool mode…

It is not a product, it is an open source project. How about learning python and making some changes and submitting them!

My python is shit so I’m thinking you don’t want me anywhere near the source. I contribute in other ways - by helping folks out on the forum when I can and by encouraging my friends to try out HA.

Yes, it’s true that the component supports AUTO but the UI is broken in AUTO mode. What does the Target control do in AUTO mode? Why can schedules be set? Seems like every week there’s another 20 new components, yet some of these high profile components are going nowhere FFS.

FWIW, there is active development going on with the Nest component. In fact, they just released a major improvement to the underlying python-nest package (within the last five days) to move from the (polling) REST API to the REST Streaming API. And there appears to be active work to integrate that into HA. Not sure when this will make a HA release, but there is ongoing work. You just have to look.

To some extent I agree that there seems to be a lot of activity and focus on adding new stuff rather than crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s on existing stuff, but remember, this is a project (almost) entirely done by volunteers working on it in their spare time. At least, that’s my understanding.

But people can still express their dissatisfaction. Otherwise, HA will never evolve.

Also makes it sound that the work done by the developers is sub-par in comparison with a commercial product.

I’m just jealous you have the ability to use the built in Nest component. I have to use the legacy API and hack it into the container due to the different URL and API I have to use.