Why is the Supervisor still self updating?, why can it not be a controlled step?

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I appreciate the need for the supervisor being updated prior to certain HA releases, but is there a firm reason why it needs to automatically update?

There is already a method to prevent addons from updating based on release numbers, could this not be expanded to HA itself?

Edit - I believe the version check is for the HA version, but still could this not be expanded?

Having users informed of the changes, and being able to choose to apply in a controlled manner would surely be a good thing?, maybe with an opt in for automatic updates?


I update HA when I have time to verify that everything is working after an update, usually the weekend. I update Home-Assistant itself, Home-AssistantOS if needed, and other things when I have the time to verify that it still works, and can deal with anything that breaks.

Why is the Supervisor special? Every other part of HA let’s the USER decide when they update, except the supervisor where the DEVs decide when my system updates. This is not the way it should be.



I see no mention of being able to disable automatic updates on that announcement.

I have a remote instance which has been taken offline twice by supervisor updates, and it has required someone to drive there to physically fix the problem. This is obviously not convenient, especially when one time it was early in the pandemic and we couldn’t travel to the location. It would be much better to be able to choose when the supervisor updates happen.


Do we have any news/workaround to disable the Supervisor auto update yet?

+1 for this, for this exact same reason.

I’m often away for a few days for work but my family still @home. I’d like to avoid automatic updates when I’m not home. :confused: