Why is there no troubleshooting category?

I’m having issues that aren’t really configuration, nor development, or an integration, or a feature request, nor a hardware problem.

Shouldn’t there just be a generic problem report/troubleshooting section?

What problem are you having? Maybe it would fit a category or maybe it is actual an issue and would fit better on Github.

But we’ll never know without more info… :wink:

Well that’s kinda the thing… where?

I put two reports in “configuration”, but my configuration hasn’t changed, so it’s not really the right place for it.

How about here. That would be a good start. I still don’t know anything about your actual issue so it’s hard for me to say. :wink:

Are you referring to this post?

If so configuration is the right place. I just moved it into the configuration zwave category for you. This way you don’t have to put a tag in there.

I’m on .43.2 and my Zwave devices seem to still be showing history in the graphs when I click on the entity in the cards.