Why is Ubuntu Server Install Reporting as Unsupported?

@bedfellow I recently added a community guide for how I installed the HassOS VM in Ubuntu Server (LTS 20.04).

One person seems to have some issues getting it running, but it worked well for me. If you feel like it, please give it a try (no harm done if it doesn’t work, I have the VM running, but still have my current setup running on the same machine, waiting to find time to migrate config). And please give feedback, whether it works for you or not.

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That solution instructs re-running the installation script. The one I used adds a configuration to Docker. Maybe they both achieve the same end goal though?

Could be, didn’t check the installer script thb. I don’t use Supervised in production.

I’m intregued, you have said before (but maybe I’ve misremembered) that you run on a NUC and that you don’t run HassOS. But I thought you had also said that the management of different containers was just a PITA, so from all of that I assumed you ran supervised via a VM or Promox or similar.
But obviously I’m wrong

I don’t use HassOS in any of my environments.
I have a VM running Ubuntu and Supervised, which I originally installed because I thought about migrating to a supervised install. But I have now come to the conclusion that I’m not happy with this (yet another layer, less control, need to wait/depend on add-on developers to update their add-on when a new version of the underlying software is available, need to follow the devs rules too much for a supported, healthy install -> docker update killed all of them Supervised installs xD) and will keep my Home Assistant Container installation for production (maybe even switch back to Home Assistant Core).
I can’t remember having said that managing my own containers is too much of a hassle, because I actually find it extremly easy. But my memory in regards to HA is ‘limited’

Forgive me, I extrapolated from you saying that ‘updating python every year for some installs was a PITA’ and I assumed …
Still it gives you something to do on those loooooong winter evenings, when not managing your 27 backups

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Thanks. Saved me from having to migrate from my hassio (supervised) on Ubuntu on ESXi set up to hassOS. For now.
To be fair I have already spun up a HASSOS VM on the same hypervisor but not looking forward to move over my configs (even with backup/restore)