Why isn't my custom notification visible to Home Assistant

I’m a new user setting up my first HA server, I don’t understand what most of the code or terminology means, and reading the documentation has made me even more confused as I’m not familiar enough with the basics for it to be of much use. Please dumb things down as much as is possible.

I’m trying to set up a custom notification in HA that sends out an email via SMTP, but when I try to trigger the notification as an action from an automation it says that it cannot find it. I also cannot call it from the Developer console. It doesn’t appear in the available notifications and when I try to type it in manually it says that it can’t find it.

I suspect that I’ve either put the notification in the wrong place, its malformed so that HA doesn’t recognize it, or there may be a permissions issue internal to HA.

When I run the built in code checker there are no error messages, and I’ve rebooted my HA server several times.

I’m using my own SMTP server (Not gmail) so the login credentials are correct, and I’ve confirmed that no requests are hitting the server to the notification isn’t going out and bouncing back. I’ve also confirmed that HA has full visibility of my SMTP server.

This is my custom notification, it’s in my Configuration.YAML

These are the error messages that I receive when I try to run it from the right click menu

Please ignore the differences in cases, I’ve tried combinations of upper and lower and get the same error message regardless. I get the same error if I try to trigger it from the development console, so the trigger isn’t the problem.

I am aware that there is no content to the email, but I’ve not even gotten that far yet. I’m going to put that in later.

I get this on the sever screen when I ask for log files.

Did you check the HA log for a possible issue when setting up the SMTP entity?

Finding out how to do that is on my To-Do.

If you could please give me some extremely dumbed down instructions I can find out for you.

So far, every single log or error message has said the exact same things Notify.vmail not found, or something to that effect. It’s as if I’d typed in a notification name that didn’t exist.

Settings → System → Logs

Did you restart home assistant after creating the smtp notifier integration?

I’ve rebooted it, and even powered it down, several times. As well as soft rebooting it via the developer console.

I included this in the original question.

No need to reboot the host machine. A restart of home assistant is all that is required when adding a new yaml integration.

What errors do you see in your logs?

What errors do you see in your logs?

How do I retrieve the logs?

I get this on the server itself when I ask for logs

I don’t know when this error dates from.

Could we please walk this back a step.

How do I know if I’ve created an smpt notifier integration, and could having missed this step be the source of my problem?

Maybe I haven’t done this bit, which is why I have problems.

[140461517212352] Error handling message: Unable to find service notify.vmail (unknown_error)

12:03:52 – (ERROR) Home Assistant WebSocket API

websocket_api script: Error executing script. Service not found for call_service at pos 1: Unable to find service notify.vmail

12:03:52 – (ERROR) helpers/script.py

Same error, it can’t find the service.