Why my command line sensor alway say unknown

hello I try several times to create a command line sensor with javascript. this is the command-line.yaml who as is own call on the configuration. yaml

- sensor:
    name: "ED"
    command: ./config/script/ednote.sh
    unique_id: "sjflevjifdsqfklfdlfjdljqshflhfdqjskfharjkghjqkrfghqsjklghqsslkfjdhgkjlqfhgjk"
    value_template: '{{ value.moyenneGenerale }}'

and the js file is at the right place and sh file so I hope someone whould help me

Does your command work in a terminal?
Read here how you can test it in the HA container if you’re using HAOS.

yes of course I use it in cmd with to interpreters (bun and node either work)

Why the point at the beginning?
The config folder lives in root /