Why no forsale/wtb section for things like plug, switches, sensors or even servers?

Why are we missing a targeted forsale/wtb section? I could see people might retire their external plugs, switches or sensors in favor of in wall devices, they might upgrade to units that monitor power or might upgrade their RPi2, 3 or 4 to a more powerful server which would leave hardware to repurpose or dispose of. With Tuya devices unflashable at the moment, it would be good to maybe have a known device up for purchase.

I know I went from an RPi3 to a Lenovo M73 and I am thinking about bumping up again, great hardware but might consider moving it if I upgrade.

I think it would be very nice to be able to offer it up to the community where someone would appreciate the comfort that it is working or has worked.

Thanks Matt

I have a box of unused automation gear I’d like to get to people who would use it. I’ll mention it to powers that be and see what they say.

It would require some very strict terms excluding the forum from any legal responsibility for lost packages and non payment issues.

Thanks, I totally agree, the forum needs to protect itself.

I for one have a few flashed tuya outlets I would like to trade as they are only 10 amp and I could use a couple 15 amp with power monitoring… but you can’t buy them new and have any expectation of them working after the last patch. I do not have much excess, but have a couple of needs and would love to have a place to explore those needs.

I am part of another forum that has very strict policies requiring 30 meaningful post and other criteria to even post, thus restricting posting to real members. They also have a site vendor sales section that requires buy in annually among other criteria to be an “official vendor”.

Thanks again!

I have some arduinos and a pi I have no use for

I get the feeling that many of us have some extra stuff or some needs to fill. In my case, I have excess Pi B’s and cases and could use a Pi 3 something.