Why no Snapshot Upload Function?

You can Restore a Selected or Wipe & Restore or Delete or Download a Snapshot, but there is no function that allows you to Upload a Snapshot.
Instead, you need to install Samba, find the backup folder, and copy it over. Then you can restore it.
You don’t need Samba to download a Snapshot, why is it required to Upload?
Seems like if you’re trying to rebuild a system, you shouldn’t have to install third-party components just to get your backup file copied over.
And when you download a snapshot, it’s called ‘Download’ ?!
In the Snapshots tab its at least labeled as ‘Full’ or ‘Partial’ along with the date. It be really nice to have that as the file name as well - along with the file type extension of ‘tar’.
‘download’ is meaningless…


Search for Hass.io Google Drive Backup in the Addons section. I am using that and am very content with it