Why not make it easy to 'clean up' duplicate entries (with '_1' on the end)

If you reinstall your phone, reset a bulb or just replace an ESP that has stopped working, ha assigns it the right entity name but with a ‘_1’ (or ‘_2’ or ‘_3’… :woozy_face:) on the end. (for obvious reasons)

This way you end up having a cluttered entity list AND you have to rename all the references to that entity in your configuration (automations, templates, lovelace etc).

It would be nice to be able to either merge two entities like these:

  • device_tracker.iphone_6s
  • device_tracker.iphone_6s_2

or just to be able ot tell ha that there is only one - delete the other one and assign everything to the original entity

You can delete the original one and rename the new one easily in configuration / entities.

What you should do is delete the entity you no longer want before adding new one.

HI tom, thanks for your input. I’ll try just that - delete the old + rename the new :+1:

you also say - delete the old before adding the new…often this is tooo late

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Been there done that.