Why OpenWeatherMap integration misses pressure forecast?

Hi there,
I was looking for pressure forecasts across different weather platforms available in HA. While most have current pressure in it i wasn’t able to find one that has pressure forecasted.
Im looking to run some automations and notifications if a sudden drop in pressure is forecasted.

Specifically looking at dev docs it seems OpenWeatherMap supports pressure forecast:

However, after setting up integration i cant see it in HA.

Just wondering if everyone else has a similar issue?
And is there a way to fix it?

Generally is there any HA integrations that have pressure forecast in them?


I too would like pressure (for fishing season). Looked at the GitHub repo for HA, and saw that the OpenWeatherMap component does not include the Pressure Forecast even though it’s available in the API call to OWM directly.

Wish I knew how to request the addition to this.

I know this will take a while so I’m thinking of learning how to write custom components. Looks like it’s tied to the weather component, so trying to rip it out into my own code may have too many tentacles into HA’s other components.