Why that lack of (Wifi/BT) driver support?

There is a bunch of linux driver modules out there. And most driver modules within HA kernel config are marked as “=m” as I would expect.
But when looking at the HA kernel config the Wifi/BT driver config is extremely minmal. And at the same time it’s quasi impossible to load dkms modules in HAOS.

Why is the driver support so extremely minimalistic and late (i.e. RTW88 was added in June 23)? Even with the “=m” option which will not bloat the kernel and only need some MB disk space? Why not compiling with the actual full range of Broadcom/Realtek/Qualcom/Intel drivers?

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t compared kernel configs across platforms in HAOS, but what platform are you referring to?

Sometimes it is about licenses with Linux.
Some drivers are released under a license that can not be combined with the one used for HA.
These drivers go as Non-free in a normal Debian/Ubuntu distribution and HA use Alpine Linux and have its own license, both of which have to be combinable with these drivers license.

It’s the same issue with all platforms. But here I was referencing to generic-x86_64.

That could be the reason. I’m not really into that.
I just hope the variety of driver support will increase in future.

Intel and Realtek will sadly never be interested in opening up like that.
It would require a license that made their code open source and public domain, which means the counterpart could use all their special features with no risk of breaking a patent law. :frowning:

How do you possibly equate open source and public domain?

I do not equate them, which is why I mention both concepts in the text.

Beside the license/public domain issue it’s indeed partly a platform issue.

For example, I have a x86_64 system with a network card that is supported by RTW88 driver module. And with direct install of HAOS (generic-x86_64) everything worked fine. But then I tried to host HAOS within KVM/QEMU (ova-x86_64) and pass through the RTW88 network card. That didn’t work because RTW88 module is not configured/compiled in HAOS ova-x86_64 platform.

Edit: It’s not directly a platform issue. It’s a developer decision issue regarding a platform.