Why the heck aren't the utility integrations UI-configurable?

The utility integrations are incredibly useful, I would love to see more of them be configurable from the UI as helpers.

I know configuring templates or blocks of code from the UI is a bit more difficult but many of the best ones can be expressed purely as form inputs such as filter, threshold, Min/Max, trend, statistics, integration, derivative, and simulated. These all seem like prime candidates for UI-configuration.

There’s also others that seem like no-brainer quick wins since they have very few configuration options. Some examples of these are random, season, uptime, version, ws connections, and workday. These aren’t as powerful as the ones above but it also feels like even more of a WTH that you have to drop to YAML just to set them up. Uptime for instance feels like it should either just be an OOTB sensor or a checkbox in settings.

Others like Bayesian and history stats would be incredible as well but you’d either have to skip their templating options or provide a YAML-mode option like in automations.

Command line, command line sensor and SQL I’d love as well but given their nature you’d still just be doing code entry so there’s less value in making them UI configurable.

Amen! :pray: :+1:

High on my personal wishlist!


We also have a daily service charge and therefore adding this to the accumulated cost would be great.

think you my be getting mixed up with wrong utility

ok so not this one

It uses the integration to create the sensor for it.

no these utility integrations