Why the heck doesn't the history graph card draw straight lines between data points?

The history graph card plots a horizontal line between points and then a vertical line…
Why not just connect the data points with a line (like any other plotting software does)?

Here you see what I mean

A better way to show the data would be to draw a line through the points and put dots (scatter plot) on top of the points. Physically, it makes much more sense that the measured quantity is continuous and doesn’t suddenly jump in large steps.

So like:

Only for discrete sensors drawing horizontal and then vertical lines, one might make an argument for doing it this way.

Some people prefer the staircase plot. Grafana has a switch to move between the two display modes which seems like a good idea.

The whole history graph is in some desperate need of improvement:

Try adding two history graph cards with different hours_to_show in the same view and see what happens.

Zoomable / scaleable graphs would be nice.

So would a second Y axis so you can plot two different units on the same graph.

Colour choice and even colour thresholds.

I’m sure there’s more.