Why the heck don't the history graphs work in the iOS history pane for 1 dimensional graphs?

Is it only me? When I go to the history tab, the first few pages look like this:

instead of like this in a browser on my desktop:

When I scroll down enough, all the 2 dimensional graphs are working, it’s only the 1 dimensional ones that don’t:

Unfortunately I think it’s just you. I just checked and it works for me (iOS app).

But What The Heck man!?!?? It hasn’t worked for like a year. I have no idea why.

I get exactly this issue too on my iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 13.6.1, latest HA and latest app version! What device are you using?

@tom_l - Out of interest, what model iPhone do you have? Perhaps it’s an issue on ‘older’ devices?

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It’s an iPhone X.

Iphone X, also 13.6.1, but I’ve had the problem on every iOS in the last 12 months at least. I suspect I just have too many sensors for the memory limit of the browser… But even trying to reduce them I haven’t had any luck.

Well that puts my idea out of the window if you’re both using the same device etc.

I’d love to get this fixed as it is a real pain in the ass, I’ve never really thought about it before to be honest (only been using HA for a couple of months), it was just one of those things!

I might try doing a bit more research as I thought it was just me…

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I have heavily excluded items from the history page. I only display 72 binary sensors and lights.

I’ve just given up on trying to maintain it and use the search card instead for the item I need.

This will be resolved in 2022.7 via https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/pull/12824

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Wow cool! It’s probably been 2 years since I tried opening that tab ;-).