Why the heck is a restart needed for each an every change to configuration.yaml?

The startup time of HA has improved a lot lately, but still, I find myself waiting for HA to restart way more than I’d like.

every change is incorrect. A lot of things can already be reloaded. For example all input_* integrations, zones, automations.

But, yeah, more and more will gain that capability by either getting UI management or reload capabilities.


Simplify it, add something like ‘reload all’. I don’t care about things being reloaded that didn’t explicitly needed to.


mqtt sensors, lights, switches, groups, light groups, templates
There are still core things like setting radius of home area which require whole system restart.

And this whole autodiscovery thing… which can add new devices but to remove them you have to… restart HA (after manual removal from mqtt broker)

I would add integrations, including HACS which often require HA restart too. I’m really curious of reasons behind this one.

This all wouldn’t matter for finished home automation. But most of us are experimenting, constantly changing configurations, adding new devices or features.

and you know what? it seems there are no technical limitations to apply those changges on the fly. NodeRed can create sensor without system restart. So?


Also, support for reloading stuff in packages would be nice.


I realize this doesn’t apply to most integrations configured via YAML, but it seems useful to be able to reload HomeKit without having to restart when adding new entities that will be picked up by the filter (even if homekit is configured via yaml).

Other use cases are for a cloud service that goes down and needs a reload to get working again that would have otherwise required a restart.

Integrations that have config entries (configured via the UI) support reloading, and UI knows the state of a config entry via /api/config/config_entries/entry so it should be safe (config entry has finished setup) to reload anything with loaded state.

Something like this could be added if the UI:


Making template entities reloadable (merged & should be in 0.115)

UI change for making template entities reloadable



Was about to create this topic but thankfully someone added it :slight_smile:

Totally agree! And with this there should be a configuration.yaml editor in the standard frontend (without the need for a special plugin).

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Support for reloading the universal media player


To be fair, a restart is exactly the same as a reload all option would do now wouldn’t it? Tbh if you face the problem of waiting on restarts of HA I will highly suggest getting better hardware. A raspberry pi is in my opinion not suitable if you desire performance.

I have an i5 4690 (unraid) with 32gb ram and over a thousand entities. My HA restarts in less than 20 seconds. At the initial installation I had a lot less entities and a restart would take under 10 seconds. I think the reloading the way it is is exactly fine. I understand many don’t care about reloading a specific part, but if I just reload the automations it will reload within a second, whereas if I would have to reload all (aka restart) it would simply take up a lot more time.

Also to react to another post, you don’t need any special plugin to open configuration.yaml, literally any text/code editor can read it (even notepad can read it). I believe the goal is to do less and less with configuration.yaml and shift to integrations (and since 2017 this has come a very very long way).

Though I understand the reasoning behind your wishes, which does make sense ofcourse but I don’t think it is actually a necessity.

So for 20 secs your home automation is out of order.
But it’s not about the time itself. Even if time shrinks to 1sec it’s still wrong approach. It might have less impact if you have matured configuration requiring no changes at all except tuning GUI. But if you still experimenting, ie with devices communicating through mqtt, sometimes you have to restart HA 10+ times over half an hour.
There are lots of arguments why this way is wrong.

BTW i5 4690 for home automation is an overkill.

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Well honestly I only restart HA when updating or change settings. Like I said I do understand what you mean, do I do not feel the devs need to put in a lot of hard work just for an already simple feature to become more simple. Reloading everything will do exactly the same thing and the downtime would pretty much be equal to a restart. All the items get loaded after a restart since restarting only costs 5 seconds or so. So reloading everything would do the same thing with the exception of actually restarting.

I also wonder why one would need that much restarts? I mean most of the config can already be reloaded without a restart.

Dont get me wrong here, I am not against this idea, I just don’t see any reason as to why this should be implemented.

IMO we are not talking about reloading and restarting all components (and hope devs will not go this way). I would rather think about restarting only components which are affected by configuration changes. IE if I added new mqtt entity, I don’t want to restart Hue integration. I don’t even want to restart mqtt integration. I just want to add new entity to mqtt entities collection


Ah I see what you mean, but honestly if you are in that stage, you shouldn’t be running it as your main production setup just yet. In my case my house is reliant on HA and since I dont have any hw switches anymore, without HA my house simply cant do a thing.

As to why I use an i5 4690 is because I had it lying around and I do way more on it than just HA (I run Unraid with over 40 containers and have multiple VM’s) trust me when I say I wish I had a much more powerful processor haha.

I do understand what you mean, and luckily a lot of what you want is already possible (through the means of integrations, that includes MQTT btw and should not require a restart or reload). But true a lot of config still needs a restart. Though if you compare the current HA to the one I started with in 2017 than they have done a lot to make this possible. In 2017 you had to restart for almost everything you did in HA.

Support for reloading light / cover groups from yaml


Support for reloading rest platforms


Support for reloading command_line platforms


notify can use some love too. The mobile apps depend on a new notification service to be created after the user logs into HA. Lots of new users forget to restart HA to get their notifications working.

Which notify platform?

I’m working though this list.

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