Why the heck is there no "solved" filter in the forum?

There’s a growing number of WTH posts being solved which is really great. I was hoping to see a list of the solved ones but realized there’s no easy way to do that. Why does the forum not have an easy filter option for solved? Or at least an advanced search option. Is there a secret keyword like “is:solved” or “solved:yes” that can be used in the search box?

Not a huge deal as I’m sure the release notes for 0.115 are going to highlight this effort and the work done, just wanted to get an early idea of how successful its been.

And why is there no solved button in some of the subforums?

A lot of them are marked “solved” because they where already solved in previous releases (but was unknown to the requester) or marked duplicate.

Better would be looking at GitHub. Here is a GitHub search in the Home Assistant organization that shows all pull requests / changes done, marked with the label “WTH”.


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Turns out the forum actual can :wink:

Click here to see


That’s an impressive list, especially the number of merged changes, in such a short time!

Excellent work to all!! Looking forward to upgrading when the time comes :+1: :smiley:

But it’s still not possible in node red subforum since you can’t accept answers there

I missed that, thanks! Also thanks for the github link, I forgot a a WTH label had been created, you’re right that is a better way to track this.