Why the heck isn't there any official macOS desktop app?!


I’m wondering – why the heck isn’t there any desktop app for macOS? I mean something like that: https://github.com/mrvnklm/homeassistant-desktop

As far as I know, having an iPhone and iPad app it could be possible to transfer them into macOS using Catalyst :slight_smile:


Our iPhone app is a webview, so that would still be the same?

With Chrome / Edge you can also install Home Assistant as an app because our frontend is a PWA.


:point_up: That is Chrome. Click on the menu/three dots when visiting your frontend and select “Install Home Assistant”. It will install the above as a wrapped chrome application.

Works like a charm and it is how I access my Home Assistant instance for quite some time now :slight_smile:


Thanks for suggestions guys! That’s something :slight_smile:
PWA worked well, however I’m getting some error about certificate which is quite annoying.

Anyways, it would be good to have something quickly accessible from menu bar (macOS). Notifications would be also neat!

I’m not developer so I’m sure about that.

Taking the iOS app and making it work on macOS is definitely possible, there’s a few technical roadblocks at the moment but I’d also like to see it, too.

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Notification work with the PWA as well, use the HTML5 notifications integration for that.

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Thanks for the tip. Any idea why I don’t get the “Install…” item on the menu when I visit my Overview page? I do get it with other PWA-ready websites…

I noticed that I only see it when i go to my remote url. Maybe because it is https?

On my internal IP, I can still create the app by going to More Tools > Create Shortcut

PWA require https

Give it a try!


That was quick! :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

It works quite well. I have some issues with scaling (UI is a little bit blurry) and it would be awesome to make it quickly accessible from top menu instead of dock icon (maybe an option to select preferred behavior), somewhere in the future. But that’s just alpha and it already works so nicely, it even provides sensors and notifications!
It is super-cool that you were able to bring this app to macOS in just a few days :slight_smile: What you achieved is far beyond my expectations. Thanks! :heart:

My app provides everything you are looking for, I PM’d you to help you to solve your issue.

For everyone else that is looking for a simple to use, tray / dock app:

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and it even created the device sensors! Nice! I’ve only been using it for the past 10 minutes, but so far only one issue where the notify service doesn’t exist even though I allowed it in the app and system. Almost couldn’t tell it’s an alpha release. running on macOS Catalina.

Notifications should work, but the notify service won’t be created until you restart HA unfortunately. It’s only created initially on startup.

you are absolutely correct! and I should’ve remembered/realized that from the previous issues with notifications in the iOS app and resetting the notification ID. Thanks! and disregard my first discord message.