Why use InfluxDB or other database to store past data?

Influx and Grafana shows historical data from your sensors. Why do you need such data from many years for example?

What are advantages of having so much data from sensors? Any ideas, automations, goals etc.?

Anyone can share thoughts?

Apart from the obvious answer ‘because you can’ there is no need to keep track for 5 years on when the bathroom light was on.

I use it to keep track of actual/total yield of my solar panels through an arduino that counts pulses and reports them to HA over mqtt. They used to be oversubsidized here so it is fun to see the total yield going up.

I also keep track of temperatures in a natural swimming pond and monitor conditions that might make solar heating more smart. (I can’t run a tempreature probe to the roof the solar installation is on so for now it is timer based).


I use it for energy monitoring. It’s nice to see how much energy was consumed at different points in time, and it allows you to think about how you can optimize.

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