Why version of EspHome 1.14.3 is not available

The latest version of EspHome at esphomeio is 1.14.3. Under my Hass,io/Dashboard/EspHome, I have version 1.136 and next to it a green dot. There is no option to update to the next version. I only have the following options: Uninstall / Restart / Stop. I have the latest version of Home Assistant installed.
I am only using 19% of my disk space.

Thanks for any input.

Maybe because of this?

Thanks for sharing that information.

I know this is late, but did you ever fix this? I just hit install on 1.14.4 and now I have two versions installed? Just curious what the easiest way to resolve this is. Can I just hit uninstall on the old version and will my devices show up in the new version?

Ok, to kind of answer my own question. I stopped the older version and turned off “start on boot” option. Then started the new version and allowed it start on boot. Launched the gui and my devices were there.

Yes, that’s the way to have only one version working. You can also manually set the version under the configuration, the esphome_version parameter

ssl: true
certfile: fullchain.pem
keyfile: privkey.pem
port: XXXX
esphome_version: dev