Why Was Pi-Hole Integration Depreciated?

I’m curious why AdGuard Home is favored by HA over Pi-Hole. Pi-Hole has a massive number of users and a tremendous support network, but when I decided to install the Pi-Hole integration and started looking around for dashboard examples that folks have done I saw that Pi-Hole is now depreciated but AdGuard is the go-to - even going as far in the main support thread to indicate that Pi-Hole is depreciated and people should use AdGuard instead.

The Pi-Hole integration works fine, so I don’t really care who uses what, I just don’t understand why AdGuard takes precedence over Pi-Hole when it comes to Home Assistant.

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Probably because the maintainer (frenck) doesn’t want to maintain both versions.
To quote the pi-hole page

Pi-hole used to be a great solution to filter network traffic, but it has been a challenge to keep/get it in a working state as an add-on.

Meanwhile, the AdGuard team published an alternative: AdGuard Home .

AdGuard Home as surpassed Pi-hole in terms of capabilities, features, and stability, and Home Assistant provides a good integration with AdGuard. Above all, the AdGuard Home team has been supportive in developing the add-on.

For those reasons, it is no longer viable to keep maintaining the Pi-hole add-on, which has been problematic at best.

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I also still use pi-hole. You can check out my pictures from the system monitoring views here in my repo. In the middle of the network view there’s my pi-hole stuff.

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As far as I know, the Pi-Hole integration is not depreciated, but the pi-hole add-on is. An integration and an add-on are 2 different things.