Wi-box Fermax integration Home Assistant (Help)

Hi, I would like to integrate Fermax video intercom in Home Assistant, but I don’t find any documents or discussion about it.
Fermax have a device called: Wi-Box and converts the usual monitor in to wifi monitor with the App WiBox.

So, someone know how to integrate Fermax intercom?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have the wi-box and is just great, but i still use the Fermax app because the only available integration I know is not compatible with using both fermax and HA at the same time, and the integration currently doesnt have video/audio support, and official app has.

This is the integration I know, but it would be nice if anyone knows about any other: GitHub - duhow/wibox: Fermax Wi-Box managed locally

BTW, dont upgrade the wi-box… I did and i have lost telnet access that I used to play with to investigate


I would love to have this integration too. I sent an email to Fermax about having Google home/ Alexa or Home assistant integration in the future and they reply that they going to pass this to product team so they can consider it. If more ppl request this maybe we will be able to have an official integration soon of wibox or other Fermax products

Thanks for sharing your experience with the wibox. I have a big old Fermax vds system at home I would like to domotize, the wibox was apparently the perfect solution for me, but due to the lack of complete integraton in Home Assistant I decide to move complete system to other vendor with full integration in home assistant. I have seen even that the blue app solution Fermax seems very closed to make easy the integration of its devices with Home Assistant. So I move to other vendor.