Wi-Fi EU smart plug with power metering

Hello! I’m looking for an European Wi-Fi smart plug with power consumption metering that can integrate with HA. Any suggestion?

Tp-link hs110 or DIY with Sonoff POW


@joselito1 thanks, but the Tp-Link HS110 is a bit expensive in my country.

@ha_user22323 looks like the BlitzWofl BW-SHP13 is ZigBee, not Wi-Fi

:slight_smile: sorry my bad !

I’m using the TP-Link HS110, Shellys and some Gosund SP111 running Tasmota without problems.

The Gosund could be the cheapest but there are different versions and the newer version cannot be flashed.

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On amazon.de is 18€ https://www.amazon.de/TP-Link-Steckdose-funktionieren-erforderlich-Steuern/dp/B06W586CDZ/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=hs110&qid=1620334025&sr=8-2

Shelly has 2 models differs on max power.
see shop.shelly.cloud

I dislike having to bash on Shelly products, as I was a fan when I first tried it. However, I have been struggling with my Shelly Plug US devices since Nov of 2020. I have finally flashed them over to tasmota and I am hoping that the random turn offs, freezes and general instability will go away with the move to tasmota. If not, I am going to remove them. I thought they had a good set of products, but I think they got over their heads with the breadth of products and trying to do firmware. Be careful! Good hunting!

It is a lesson that is reenforced to me, if you have a IoT device that is working, be VERY careful about updating the firmware in it. Default to NOT upgrading, regardless of my ‘techie’ desire to ‘upgrade to the latest’…

That seems to be the version without power metering. It looks like the HS110 is not available anymore.

+1 for the Gosund UP111 (with power monitoring), although as mentioned above newer firmware prevents them being flashed with Tasmota. I got mine in April from Amazon, and they worked fine however.

I also seem to recall someone on here was selling them pre-flashed

+1 for the Shelly Plug S. They are good looking, not too clunky and work well. I have two on washing machine and tumble dryer