Wich actuator for underfloor heating?

Hi to all friends of the fantastic HomeAssistant,

i started to build me a smart controlling of my underfloor water heating.
First steps have been doing some temperatur-sensors with ESP-Home 8266 and generic thermostat wich is working fine.

But i do not find any solution for my standard water-valves M30x1,5. I do not want to use the electro-thermo actuators cause i live with an Iland-System (i produce my own electricity to drive my house)

Best would be motorized actuators wich can be controlled by value, e.g. 0 to 100 % or an 8Bit word.
Like radiator thermostats but without their temperatur-controlling.

Any suggestions please or is there such a projekt already ?

regards, Bert



With this?


I have no experience with it. But I read a lot of positive reactions and there is an integration available it seems.

Hi ‘Sender’,

thank you for your fast reply !
I studied this now and it is unfortunatly not a solution for me, please note:

  • it is expensive. For my 16 heating circles in 3 floors it costs minimum 1300.- € not included shipping, ev. hub or ecu …

  • then i have a single UFH-contolling by room-temperature sensors only.

  • with HA then i have only access to that temperature values, only indirect access to the Homematic-system.

As i think this is not enough for a good UFH - controlling. Better i have direct access to the actuators.
And you found in documentation of the Homematic-actuator for 15.- €: it is only the motor with gear, no other sensors …

I opened a standard radiator-actuator for 8.- €, there you have additionaly rotary sensor, H-Bridge for the motor, you could use the temp-sensor for mesuring the water - temperature comming back from the circuit …

I want to have the UFH - controlling in my own hands and this is the big advantage of HomeAssistant, isn’t it ?

Hi to all Underfloor - Heaters,

is there nobody with proportional controlled valves ?
no people with actuators controlled by values ?

So i have to make some by myself, i think will do it with one AtMega per valve.

Is there any example for ESP-Home having Serial Output/Input (similar RS232 with 3.3V only) ?

Cheers, Bert

I think you being Dagobert, this should not be an issue?

And I think your question is too generic. You are asking almost for a “complete” solution home-made floor heating controller which is not there as far as I know. If you have any specific question on how to connect “things” to an ESP and how to configure with ESPHome there is enough help on this forum to get you further.

Hi ‘Sender’,

Dagobert is also stingy ;-))

You have shown me a complete solution floor heating, but i am not stupid, i do not pay over 1300.- for a ‘bad’ one.
Control engineering is part of my profession and i can understand/judge that.

Like most all other people i search for a ready made actuator (cause my livetime is limited ;-)) and if there is none i look for an example or ideas how to make one.

My specific question here was already, how to connect another item to ESP by serial comunication and i have done surching at ESP-home without success till now, thats why i asked.

And for all others who are interested in my theme of UFH-actuators:
have found now in DIY-examples (it was the last in the list ;-))
“ESPHome floor heating controller (proportional valves) by @nliaudat

Will continue reading there.