Wide beam smart GU10 bulbs?


Hi, has anyone come across any smart GU10 bulbs with a wide angle beam?

I’m planning the lighting layout for a new room where I want to use Cool White to Warm White variable (some people call this correlated colour temperature CCT) and dimmable GU10 smart bulbs in recessed downlighters. Already using Ikea Trådfri in the house so these were the natural choice, but when I try to measure how they will light the room overall I get some shady patches due to the narrow 36º beam. I have looked for others, but all the following seem to be rated at 36 or 38º beam angle:

Has anyone come across Smart GU10s with wider angle beams like the 90º or 120º beam angles common in single colour LED ranges? I’m not sure I really want to fit a downlighter every 600mm just to wash the room with variable white from the ceiling, so I welcome alternative options from the community. Thanks!


The LIFX GU10s have a 60 degree beam angle. At 2.4m installation height they have a spot diameter of 2.4m (2x2.4xSIN30).


Thanks @tom_l, yes the LIFX GU10 do have a wider beam at 60º - thanks for pointing those ones out.

Unfortunately they are taller than most GU10s (73mm instead of 55mm), and some amazon reviews suggest the wifi signal is not great. Oh, also at £35-£50 per unit they are not cheap, but perhaps because they include RGB that I was not looking for.

Whilst researching these I also came across the LOHAS WiFi Smart Bulb LED GU10 Dimmable, Warm White to Cool White which have a beam angle of 120º. Although that’s perhaps wider than I’d prefer they are only £11 each. However I could not find a manufacturer’s website, so I wonder whether they would be as reactive as when LIFX discovered their bulbs were hackable?


I just installed one in a metal lamp holder. It was an experiment to see how good the wifi is. Works fine. Now I hope the cyber Monday deals are still on…


Where you able to compare if the beam is actually wider?


The beam is very similar to my existing halogens.


I’ve just replaced eighteen 50W halogen and 5W dumb LED downlights with Lifx GU10s (11W). Super happy with the result. The Lifx bulbs are about twice as bright as the dumb LEDs (to be expected, they use twice the power) and they have excellent coverage. Better than either the halogen or dumb LEDs. CRI for neutral white isn’t bad at all. Though I like the nice warm 2700K incandescent setting.

it is a pity they don’t make these in a cheaper white version.