Widget iOS 14, click on widget performs action but opens HA app

The suggestions in Shortcuts.app are largely from data that the app provides, but are out of the app’s control for the most part. Create a “Perform Action” shortcut entry and you can choose the action from that list, and that will pull directly from the app.

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Thanks a lot @zacwest thank you for all this very precise information ! :+1:

I have the same problem with the new ios14 widget, but unfortunately the old HomeAssistant ios widget no longer exists

Scroll over to the far left. Scroll down to “Edit”. Scroll down to “Customize”. You will then find Home Assistant and click on the “+” to add it to your widget screen. Then hit “Done” at the top right. This will add it where it doesn’t open the app after activating the widget call.

unfortunately that widget no longer exists

Works fine on iOS 14 for me.

I have iOS 14.2 and HomeAssistant 2020.7 (11) app.
But the old action widget no longer exists.

14.2 as well. The widget is there. You’ll need to go to the far left click edit then you will look for customize. This is where the old widget is at. Find HA and add it to your widget screen and hit done. Bingo Bango problem solved.

Dang. Not sure why you cannot see it.

now the old widget has reappeared by itself, I have not done anything! I haven’t even selected it, this morning I found it there!

mi fa piacere sentirlo

The old widgets stopped working for me back around September and then started working again later (November, December?). Very recently they stopped working again. Has something changed in the latest Home Assistant iOS update to remove the old widgets?

iOS version: 14.2
Home Assistant iOS app version: 2021.1 (5)

The old widget remains around, it’s just that iOS 14 is very buggy around them. Not a lot the app can do to make them stick around.

Dang, that’s really unfortunate that Shortcuts doesn’t allow third-party apps to integrate directly from the widget. I use shortcuts now instead but I can’t have the HA icons there.

Really hope this will be fixed soon so that we can use the HA widget instead.

A me un riavvio ha risolto il problema

Is there really no way to use the new widget without opening the app? (like the old widget)

Yea, just noticing this myself … quite frustrating