Widget iOS 14, click on widget performs action but opens HA app

Since updating to latest HA app, 2020.6, in iOS 14, clicking on widget performs action but then opens up HA app. Is this expected behavior?


iOS 14 requires that widgets are not able to be interacted with directly (except their own widgets, of course; so Shortcuts.app does this) – in other words, for tapping on the widget to do anything it must launch the app.

Ok. Thanks for the info. That kinda sucks though, Apple sometime make some strange decisions.


Really does suck. Why does Apple insist on ruining useful things? Bad enough that we can’t have the long list of all our actions anymore, the new widget system isn’t as useful as the old one. Makes the widget system useless for quickly triggering actions. At least the Apple Watch is still working right.

I think everyone should start sending Apple feedback (using the Feedback Assistant) asking for rules around widgets to be altered. They’ve really broken the system.

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Just noticed the same issue over here.
it really sucks fast running the action is a thing of the past if it opens the app every time

Sure will give apple feedback

I really like Apple products but they are really starting to make a mess of things lately

I had the same bad experience with ios 14 new widgets.
By the way, it could still be cool if it could be possible to show sensors in the widget, e.g. state of the alarm, to have a quick view as it already happens with android companion app.

In HA you can add the action to the ios shortcut app. Then this shortcut can be added as a widget to the home screen. this widget works without opening HA app. But a bit slower than the old widgets that are still working


I have the same problem, now the widget is completely useless! :frowning:

now with Home Assistant 0.117.1 it still works, the old widget is back !!

I’ve found that it seems to come and go with various releases.

Can you give some more details about this step?

Got to iOS Shortcuts app. Create new shortcut --> Add Action --> Home Assistant --> Perform Action --> press on “Action” to see a list of the Actions you have already created in Home Assistant app (or using yaml).


@michelde these shortcuts can be added as a widget

Widget on my iPhone performs action but it doesn’t open HA !
But on my iPad it performs action and open HA, so I am not sure it’s an normal iOS behavior.

Another strange behavior, in Shortcut on iPad Homeassistant only shows one action :roll_eyes:

After some tests, I thing there is something wrong with Homeassistant on iPad about widget.

On the iphone there is not this behavior, the application is not open, so I think there is something wrong with the ipad HA apps or with ipados.

You are likely using the “today” widget, the widgets available before iOS 14. Apple still allows you to access and use them, and the app still offers it because it supports older OSes and because there’s no reason to remove it.

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So why behavior is different between iPhone and iPadOs ?

Can you share screenshots of both? Do they look the same or different? The widget which doesn’t open the app has a different appearance and can only be in the Today section.

Yes, you are right, there are quiet different between iPhone and iPad, so HA on iPhone use old widget, while iPad HA apps new version.

So I am trying to use Shortcut, but some actions are missing, seems to have an issue to refresh actions list in Shortcuts apps.

Here synchronized actions

Here this list of actions available in Shortcuts apps on iPad (one is missing)

In Shortcuts apps on iPhone (one is missing, and there is still some old deleted actions)

Here you can see, on the iPad HA widget, these 3 actions

And on iPhone