Widgets refresh

Is it normal that the page where I put all the widgets is updated every minute with huge waste of battery?

Widgets update when you turn on the screen in addition to every 15-20 minutes.

I see this, when i turn on the screen, yes, but after this i see also a series of refreshes in few seconds.
Can this be the cause of the battery drain ?

do you have live view picture entity cards?

No, in widgets i have only 3 entity status and some of toggle lights and plugs widgets…

im talking about your lovelace interface itself

No, nothing like this in lovelace

So when you say “nothing like this” you mean you are not using https://www.home-assistant.io/lovelace/picture-entity/#camera_view set to live correct?

And how do you know the widget is refreshing every few seconds? Are you clicking on it this often?

Yes, correct… I see the page where i set the devices is refreshing every second… sorry for my english

the page is refreshing? this is sounding like something with your device maybe launcher setting? you can also try clearing data and starting over to see if something got corrupted.

Ok thanks… i’ll do it and let you know…