Widgets status not refreshing on reconnect/wake

I’ve just getting started with HADashboard (latest Docker image, v4.0.3) to run on an old iPad mini (iOS 9.3.5) I had (it was not getting used for much).

Things are generally working fine (I’m using Guided Access and running as a Web App, and figured out I can get it to wake up if I get it to disconnect and reconnect the power with a relay on the USB charging port which is nice, although not yet implemted).

However sometimes I found that if it’s been “sleeping” for a while (ie: the screen has timed out and gone blank), when I wake it up it does not refresh the widget state. My guess is it’s not getting status updates while asleep, and when in reconnects, it’s not getting an update of the current status of all the widgets.

Is this something that people have seen before? If so, did you come up with a solution?

I’ve started messing around with using meta tags and/or JS to reload the page completely every hour (by modifying a custom skin) - but as it’s an old device it’s a bit slow - so it takes a few seconds before it shows the page again (which removes many of the benefits).

Has anyone had a similar issue? Did you figure out a solution?


I went to have a look at this and the code and see if I could figure it out - and after figuring it out and looking at the latest code, I realized it’s already fixed! :slight_smile:

I was running the latest docker image, however it’s not the actual latest code, I needed to run the acockburn/appdaemon:4.0.5 docker image.

Hopefully this helps someone else.