Width floorplan display problem

How I can display my floorplan all of the screen?

On the template in lovelace toggle Panel Mode to On. If that makes the image too large, the only advice I have found is to resize the image.

Hi thanks the soultion :grinning:

i discover if used Panel mode toggle i not see any badges
you now maybe how solve this issue ?

title: Home
  - panel: true
    path: home-witdh
    title: Home witdh
    theme: default
      - entity: device_tracker.mi9
      - entity: device_tracker.mi9-2
      - elements:
          - entity: media_player.livingroom_speaker
            icon: 'mdi:speaker'
              left: 25%
              top: 74.5%
              width: 7%
            type: state-icon

Sorry I guess i am not using badges. All my config items are like this:

      - config:
          image: /local/floorplan/marionscove/upstairs.svg
            - entities:
                - switch.den_fan
                - switch.great_room_fan
                - switch.guest_bedroom_fan
                - switch.guest_bathroom_fan
                - switch.hearth_fan
                - switch.master_bathroom_fan
                - switch.master_bedroom_fan
              name: Fans
                - class: fan-on
                  state: 'on'
                - class: fan-off
                  state: 'off'

Maybe someone have some solution to this issue ?