Wife mode option

Please add options that are “configurable” to the ui to hide/protect certain features from being turned off. I.e presence detection, man cave automatons. :slight_smile:

@bthome I figured out how to create hidden scripts and scenes by looking at ccostan’s configuration.yaml file here. I haven’t used the iOS app so this might not be 100% relevant to your situation, but it’s something to try.

Would be nice to configure HA to expose certain groups to a particular iOS user. That way can give the appearance of HA but not all the options that the “Admin” has. Have the iOS default to a certain view and let you put a TAG in the app to expose the other views. Something simple.


Gonna bump this topic because, me too. Even with pretty careful management, HA gets a LOT of entities, fast. It’s overwhelming for people that aren’t into it, which is totally fine.

But if I could even just get the ability to set a specific URL as the default view in-app, then people who are not me could have the “simple and easy” view that I made when they open the app, instead of forgetting what to click on, giving up, and calling me to do the thing.

I’m not worried about other people messing stuff up, but they do have to be able to use the parts they need and this seems like a straightforward way to do it until there’s more robust user differentiation in place.

What about using the compact-custom-header and user agent to limit what they see in the app?

This seems to be currently in the works for HA, from the blog:

Permissions. Using the same user and context features, we will also be able to limit access to entities to users.