Wife request - greenhouse irrigation

Hello friends,
hope I’m in the right forum section.

So, my wife wants me to finally do something useful with all my gadgets and wire up an irrigation system for her greenhouse.

I had it working quite good last summer with a completely home brew system, but it somehow just quit and I never got it going again. Probably my manhandling of C code.
I then decided to go the more proven route. Tasmota.

I’ve got an ESP32 wired up and flashed with Tasmota 11.
Eight relays, a DS18B20 for soil temp, an AM2301 for air temp and humidity and a BH1750 for light.
Currently using four irrigation zones for different plant sections and one mist generator.
HA controls relays and reads sensors just fine.

I (she :wink:) would like to set a start time (full hour is fine) and an end time for each zone.

The part I struggle the most with is this:
Each zone should have an interval set (like 15-360 min/15) and a watering time (5-60 min/5).

Anyone done anything like this?

I’ve searched the forum and there’s bits that matches, but not enough for me to put something together.
Setting up the input variables and such isn’t an issue, but I’m having trouble with the logics part.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Yes a lot of people have shared projects like this. Here’s one popular search result (ignore the topic, it is not specific to mqtt):

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That is beautiful!
I’ll dig into it.

Read it now, and it’s a very clever system, but it’s more focused on the hardware which I’ve got all set up.

Sure is. Take a look here.

and now with a companion card

Good luck