WiFi and other RF heat maps

I am aware of Wi-Fi heat maps generated by Netspot and the Unfi controller for home use cases and Meraki and Solar Winds for enterprise use cases. It would be nice if we could generate WiFi and other RF (e.g., Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433mHz, etc.) heat maps for troubleshooting/optimizing wireless connectivity in Home Assistant. And with heat maps we’d probably want lovelace to be able to support layers in picture cards.

interesting idea, would like to see something like this too.

Dang! I just had this idea and thought it was mine!! I started enabling the EspHome.io option:

  - platform: wifi_signal
    name: ${friendly_name} WiFi Signal Strength
    update_interval: 600s

… and it works very well to give me an idea of how the signal looks over time:

Anyway, I was thinking it’d be really cool to have a realtime red/green heatmap of all the WiFi enabled devices scattered around my house.

I would like to see it somehow as a layer on top of the map card or in something like this GitHub - ExperienceLovelace/ha-floorplan: Bring new life to Home Assistant. By mapping entities to a SVG-object, you're able to control devices, show states, calling services - and much more. Add custom styling on top, to visualize whatever you can think of. Your imagination just become the new limit.
But I have no idea of how this could be done.